We strive for excellence and quality in all we do.

Small family owned and operated breeding company located in beautiful Stevensville Montana. We are dedicated to bringing the best of our Labrador puppies to families who will love and care for them.

We moved here in 2013 with hopes about starting our business here. For many years our family had been a dog loving family, and we have a special love for Labradors. Our main goal for our labs is quality and a loving affection that we hope to see in every dog, along with good behavior traits and hunting skills.We not only strive for perfection in our breeding,but also in our labs personality and happiness.We take special time in taking care of our labs, including serving them nutritious foods,training, taking them to lakes, parks, on hikes and making sure they are happy and healthy. Our job is to make sure you get a lifelong friend, who is cheerful and and fun loving. And to make sure that our puppies get a stable home to cherish and nourish them. We strive make sure that our customers and puppies both get lifelong enjoyable companions.


Our Facilities

We live on 20 acres. We have Kennels, sheds and garages where our labs live happily with each other. They are free to roam and play all over the yard, play in our creek that runs through our property. Our dogs love to hike Kootenai Trail that is located right next to us in Stevensville Montana.