Our Dogs


Vivien Leigh

Female, 55lbs 6 yrs old


Jackson Kelso

Male, 98lbs 5 yrs old.


Honey Lynn

Female, 65lbs 1 yrs old.

Meet our dogs! We currently have two Males and two Females. Each one has their own distinct and lovable personality. All our dogs love being in and around water as much as they can.

Our dogs are mainly bred as family pets but have excellent hunting and retrieving instincts. Our Stud, Jackson (see above for picture) had parents with hunting champions in their bloodlines. Our Dam, Vivien (see above for picture) also has high instinct to hunt birds and she loves fetching things from the water.

We hope you find the same happiness with their pups  as we do with Ours!

North West Labradors are certified and registered with the AKC – American Kennel Club. Registered with AKC only as ‘LABRADOR RETRIEVER’
*Pedigree Available upon request*

Health Clearances:
“Clear” Our dogs posses no copies of the mutant gene for a disease; They will never have the disease or pass the disease on to their offspring.

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